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Bar Code Labels and Readers  


Bar Code Labels

With ... Organization Name Intelligent*
  (Regular/dumb labels) (Smart labels)
Total labels per order Cost each Cost each
2,000 minimum 5.0 cents 7.0 cents
10,000 4.5 6.5
20,000 4.0 6.0
30,000 3.6 5.6
40,000 3.3 5.3
50,000 + 2.9 4.9

Note:      If you need pairs, the number of labels doubles.  
For instance, 1,000 pairs = 2,000 labels.

 * Intelligent bar code labels are printed in shelf list order with each volume's ID number as found in your database and any additional data as needed to identify the correct book for each label.

Bar Code Readers for PCs 

Laser Gun

Laser gun-type bar code reader. Attaches to computer via USB cable or as keyboard wedge (choose one.)  Reads labels up to 10" away. (Another model is available which can read from 12" and is more rugged.)


(Other model is $219.)


2D Digital Barcode Scanner

Two-dimensional bar code scanner.  Reads 2D bar codes such as PDF417, MaxiCode, and more, as well as standard 1D bar codes (such as UPC/EAN, Code 39, Standard 2 of 5, and more.)  Can be used with any PC running Windows 7, Vista, XP, or 2000.  USB interface only; includes USB cable.




Portable Data Collector with Built In Scanner: "PDA Style"

"PDA-style" portable bar code reader with built-in 1D laser scanner. Connects to computer via USB cable. Programmable.





Portable Data Collector with Built In Scanner : Ergonomic "Gun Style" Handle

Portable bar code reader with built-in 1D laser scanner, ergonomic "gun style" handle. Connects to computer via USB cable. Programmable.





Hands-free stand with weighted base for use with gun-type scanner. (Scanner not included.)    

$ 49

Programming for portable bar code reader to take inventory:  $180.00 .  
Written instructions for use with DB/TextWorks included.

Shipping extra.  Prices subject to change without notice.  


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