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Bar Code Services
From Crew-Noble Information Services

Crew-Noble Information Services offers bar code readers, inventory software, and bar code labels to support your automation project. The wedge-style barcode reader is connected directly to your PC, while portable readers can be used to transfer data to and from remote locations. The inventory software compares bar code data from the portable reader with data from the database and provides a report of missing items.


We supply both standard and "smart" bar code labels. Standard labels are provided in numbered sequences, such as 000001 to 005000 and are typically used in a new automation project. As you enter data for a given item, you scan the bar code into the item number field and attach the label to the item.

Smart labels can save you considerable time when you already have records in machine-readable form. We take your database and create a set of labels in shelf-list order with the item number and other information (such as call number or title) printed on the label. Your staff can then take the labels to the shelves and attach them to the items without additional data entry.

See how multiple copies or multi-volume series are handled with smart bar code labels and DB/TextWorks.

See pricing. For more information: email us.

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