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Crew-Noble Information Services

Crew-Noble offers a variety of services to help you manage your organization's information resources. With our database consulting services, our web database hosting services, and our bar code services, we can support your project from beginning to end.

Database Consulting Services

Crew-Noble's database consulting services include needs assessment, software selection, application development, data conversion, project staffing, as well as training and support.

Needs assessment. The success of an automation project is directly linked to the planning effort. We can begin your project with a needs assessment to help you determine your organization's real information requirements. The needs assessment can include interviewing key staff members, establishing priorities, and defining system requirements.

Software selection. If your project's needs can be filled with the leading PC-based text retrieval system, Crew-Noble can supply the Inmagic® database products to you.

Application development. Crew-Noble can help you set up complete applications to manage your organization's information, whether it be books and journals, record center document collections, newspaper clippings, project reports, client/customer information, competitive information, resource databases, proposals, correspondence, vendor catalogs, photographs, slides, digital resources, and more. Each application can be set up with database structure, searching interface, and reports customized for your particular requirements.

Data conversion. If you are changing from another automated system, we can convert your data from many different formats. We will take the data, map it field-by-field, and load it into the new system.

Project staffing. Crew-Noble can provide qualified staff to implement your new system on a project basis. Or, if your goal is to reduce head-count on an ongoing basis, we can set up an outsourced arrangement and assume  management responsibility for your information operation.

Training and support. In support of the Inmagic products, Crew-Noble offers telephone support subscriptions, training workshops, and on-site training at your office.

For more information about our database consulting services: Contact us

Web Database Hosting Services

Crew-Noble Information Services offers web hosting services for organizations wishing to make their Inmagic database information available through the Internet or their intranet. 

Try some web publishing examples (including some that are on our site.)

Bar Code Services

Crew-Noble Information Services offers bar code services to support your automation project. Included are bar code readers, inventory software, and bar code labels, both standard and "smart."

Smart labels can save you considerable time when you already have records in machine-readable form. We take your database and create a set of labels in shelf-list order with the item number and other information (such as call number or title) printed on the label. Your staff can then take the labels to the shelves and attach them to the items without additional data entry.


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