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Version 10
(Released December 29, 2006)

Major TextWorks v10 features include:

  • The Import Options dialog box for Import Document now includes Image fields in the "Field for file name" list.  
  • Export Query Screen to HTML, Export Editing Form to HTML, and Export Menu Screen to HTML now include the textbase element name in a comment at the top of the HTML source. This will make it easier to determine later, for example, which textbase query screen was exported to create the HTML file.  
  • Textbase Information now includes a list of public elements (forms, query screens, and so on). 
  • About this Computer System now includes the paths for dbtext32.exe, inmagic.ini & dbtext.ini.  
  • Changes for the Query Screen Designer:  
    • For the Query Box Properties dialog box, on the HTML tab, the choices that appear for the Index box, use option button are now listed in alphabetical order. 
  • Changes for the Install Kit. 
    • The Check for Service Packs option is selected by default.  
    • The Check for Service Packs, Display XML Schema, and other check boxes now launch the documents. Previous versions launched the main Customer Extranet page.  
    • The program files are digitally signed 

Major WebPublisher PRO v10 features include:

  • The option to use an alternative search syntax is now available when exporting a query screen to HTML. When using this syntax, if users type multiple words in a query box, WebPublisher PRO automatically performs an AND operation between the words. A new alternative help file (WEB_ALT_BEGIN.HTM) is launched from query screens using the alternative search syntax. 
  • The ability to configure an RSS feed is now available. Choose Inmagic.net>Configure in DB/TextWorks to create an .ASP page and .XSL transform for use in generating an RSS feed. 
  • Image files can be located in multiple folders. If the image file name in the textbase field includes a forward slash (/), WebPublisher PRO will use the path specified in the field, instead of the location specified in the [WebPublisher Image Locations] section of the DBTWPUB.INI file. 
  • Web Batch Modify supports the validation=override/update parameter.
  • Web Edit permits you to add new entries at the cursor position, using the pipe (|) character. Previous versions always added new entries at the end of the field. 
  • Changes for the Inmagic Choices Browser:
    • Supports Firefox browsers. Note: You must re-export your query screens to HTML if you want to use them with Firefox. 
    • Permits customization of the text on the Add, Replace All, NEXT, and PREV buttons. 
    • Help button added. 
    • Width of the column showing the number of records is configurable (by creating MyIndex_browse.css and adding a .hitColWidth style). 
    • Displays WebPublisher PRO and IIS errors. 
    • Tooltips appear for most controls. 
  • The following is now available for XML: A new XM=2 parameter specifies that XML output should include the query detail.
  • WebHideINM=, WebLinkINM=, and WebAllowExplode= no longer require a WWW restart to be recognized. Note: You must move WebHideINM= and WebLinkINM= from INMAGIC.INI to DBTWPUB.INI to take advantage of this enhancement.
  • New parameters for turning on (or off) writing to the XMLINPUT.LOG and XMLOUTPUT.LOG files, and supporting the ability to view these files via the Web.  Inmagic Technical Support may ask you to turn on these files when diagnosing issues.  Previous versions always wrote to the files if they existed.
  • The wording of the old "internal errors" has been changed to include more information for diagnostics purposes. The messages now begin with "Operation failed..."
  • Changes to the Install Kit:
    • Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 must be installed before you can install the WebPublisher PRO software. The installation program will not proceed if it does not detect that .NET Framework version 2.0 is already on the machine on which you are trying to install the WebPublisher PRO software.
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.0 must be installed before you can install the WebPublisher PRO software. The installation program will not proceed if it does not detect that Internet Explorer version 6.0 is already on the machine on which you are trying to install the WebPublisher PRO software.
    • The install kit now includes an HTML query screen (CARSQSB.HTM) for use with the sample CARS textbase that uses the Inmagic Choices Browser.
    • For the WebPublisher PRO virtual directories, dbtw-wpd and InmagicBrowse, the install kit lets you select a Web site other than Default Web Site, and permits you to specify which authentication to use (Anonymous, Basic, Integrated Windows) and whether to use SSL.
    • The program files are digitally signed.

Inmagic customers on maintenance will automatically receive TextWorks version 10 and/or (if applicable) WebPublisher PRO version 10 as part of their annual maintenance contract and can take advantage of the enhanced features and functionality without additional cost. If you have not received this release, please send an email request to Advantage@inmagic.com with your serial number.

Remember, if you own both TextWorks and WebPublisher PRO, you need to keep both products on the same version. These products are designed to work together and therefore these products have interdependencies. So please upgrade both TextWorks and WebPublisher PRO to ensure they work correctly.

If you have further questions regarding TextWorks and WebPublisher PRO version 10 contact Crew-Noble.

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