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Version 11

Microsoft® Vista compatibility, and new features for ease of use

Inmagic's new releases of DB/TextWorks and WebPublisherPRO, version 11, are important for customers preparing to migrate to the Microsoft® Vista operating system, and include numerous new features for improved ease of use and overall user experience.

DB/TextWorks v11, began shipping on March 31, 2008, and the release of WebPublisher PRO v11 was announced May 28. If you are a current maintenance customer you should have received an email for each license regarding your version 11 download.

DB/TextWorks v11 features include:

Vista compatibility

Ensures that users are able to run on the latest Microsoft® operating system.

File checker

Allows users to verify that files referenced on the local or network directory exist.  This feature is similar to the URL checker but for UNC referenced files.

Helps users keep the quality of their textbases high.

Limited undo in form designer

Allows users to undo the last action performed in the form designer; available for specific action types such as moving or inserting boxes.

HTML report preview

Preview shows what a report will look like displayed in a Web environment, allowing form designers to save time and create better-looking output on the first try.

Ability to select form for Edit Secondary Record window

Improves the ease with which secondary records can be edited and maintained.


WebPublisher PRO v11 features include:

Windows Server 2008

Ensures that WebPublisher PRO will run on the latest Microsoft® operating system.

Older versions of WebPublisher PRO will not work on Windows Server 2008.

XHTML compliance

Provides improved standards compliance for Web publishing, enabling Web developers to use XHTML when writing custom Web pages.

Query logging

Provides the administrator with a log of the WebPublisher queries. This allows usage analysis of textbases.

Items reported will include: the query, number of records returned, time & date, and the IP address from which the query originated.

The log file will be created in CSV format, enabling analysis of the information by importing the file into DB/TextWorks, Excel or other products.

Next/Previous highlight navigation

Highlights the query hits within the record in a search result, enabling users to find the information they are searching for more quickly.

Inmagic customers on maintenance will automatically receive TextWorks version 11 as part of their annual maintenance contract and can take advantage of the enhanced features and functionality without additional cost.

If you have further questions contact Crew-Noble.

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