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Version 14
(DB/TextWorks Support Matrix)
(Install and upgrade instructions for DB/TextWorks 14)

(DB/Text WebPublisher PRO Support Matrix)
(Install and upgrade instructions for DB/Text WebPublisher PRO 14)

DB/TextWorks v14 was released March 19, 2013. DB/TetWorks for SQL v.14 and WebPublisherPRO v.14 were released July 2, 2013. If you were a current maintenance customer at that time you should have received an email for each license regarding your download(s).

DB/TextWorks v14 features include:


You can create, save, name, and select from multiple sets of parameters to use when importing records, exporting records, and sending email reports.

Improved support for viewing PDF files

(See online help within DB/TextWorks for more information.)

Correcting a validation list term can now update affected records.

Previously, correcting a typographical error in a validation list (that already contains the correctly spelled term) did not cause affected records to be updated as well. The error message reported that the target term was already in the list and did not go further. Now, that message has OK and Cancel buttons. Cancel behaves as before. OK permits the records to be updated.

Updated spell-check engine

The spell-check software and dictionaries have been updated.

Windows 8

DB/TextWorks is now supported on Windows 8.

WebPublisher PRO v14 features include:

Query Log recycling

Includes option to rename a query log file and start a new one after specified interval.

Improved support for Internet Explorer v10


Validation list editing on the Web

Accessible from the validation list browse window, and on by default.

InmagicBrowse auto-update fix

InmagicBrowse can now update records after a term is changed to another term already on the list. The warning message that appears regarding the new term's existence has OK and Cancel buttons. Click OK to update the affected records.

Option to restore the InmagicBrowse Find button

Implemented for the benefit of a few customers for whom automatic Find doesn't work well.

Feature List for all versions

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