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Version 15
(DB/TextWorks Support Matrix)
(Install and upgrade instructions for DB/TextWorks 15)

(DB/Text WebPublisher PRO Support Matrix)
(Install and upgrade instructions for DB/Text WebPublisher PRO 15)

DB/TextWorks v15, DB/TextWorks for SQL v.15, and WebPublisher PRO v.15 were available for general release around June 5, 2015.
If you were a current maintenance customer at that time you should have received an email for each license regarding your download(s).

IMPORTANT! Textbases created using version 15.0 or upgraded to version 15.0 are not compatible with any Inmagic product prior to version 15.0. You will need to upgrade DB/Text WebPublisher, DB/Text PowerPack, DB/SearchWorks Run-time, and so on to version 15.0 before you will be able to use them with a version 15.0 textbase. When you open an existing textbase wtih DB/TextWorks version 15.0, you will be prompted to upgrade the textbase. If you upgrade the textbase, you will not be able to access the textbase with any Inmagic product prior to version 15.0.

DB/TextWorks v15 (Classic and SQL) and WebPublisher PRO v15 features include:

New Field Type -- Rich Text

The Rich Text field type permits you to change fonts (font name, size, color, bolding, italics, etc.) within a single field, align text, create bulleted lists, and so on. When editing a Rich Text field, you use the Rich Text Editor (Ctrl+E) to format the text. To add a Rich Text field to a form, in the Form Designer, use Edit>Add>Rich Text Box. Note that Rich Text Boxes handle box height differently than Form Boxes; please click Help on the Rich Text Box Properties dialog box in the Form Designer for more information.

New Field Type -- Call Number

When records are sorted by a field using the Call Number field type, Call Numbers are sorted in the correct order.

E-mail Enhancements

SMTP e-mail has the following new features:
Mailing Information This tab is now listed first, and includes all the address fields (From, To, etc.) and Subject, so that the experience of sending e-mail more resembles a standard New E-mail window.
Additional message text The Mailing Information tab also includes a box where you can type text to appear before the records.
Signature The Mail format tab includes a Signature box where you can type text to appear at the bottom of the e-mail message.

More more more

Several limits have been increased. For example, the maximum number of fields in a textbase has been increased from 250 to 500, the maximum number of characters in field names has increased from 20 to 30, and the maximum number of Forms, Query Screens, etc. has increased from 450 to 1000. See the Readme file for the full list. Note that these increases required increasing the size of several dialog boxes.

Substitution Lists

Additional Field Types now support Substitution Lists: Call Number, Code, Image, Link and Number.

Import Document

Improved IFilter text extraction for PDF files, especially those with text in the margin. Also, line breaks are added after each period-space (". ") to improve readability.

Options> Text Encoding

The "Read/write extended characters in MS-DOS format" option has been replaced with the Text Encoding tab on the Options dialog box, which gives more precise control over the format of import and export files

HTML and XML output

All HTML and XML files and output are created using UTF-8 encoding, regardless of the specified Text Encoding option.

Deleted Records Log file

The textbase files include a new .DRL file, which lists the record deletions to improve transferring this information using the TextWorks and/or Genie Connectors.

Web Features:

Open link in new window

The Form Designer, Query Screen Designer, and Menu Screen designer have a new option on the HTML tab of the Box Properties dialog box that permits you to specify that the link should be opened in a new window.

Validation List Editor

The Validation List Editor (part of InmagicBrowse) now permits you to modify just the case of a value (e.g., change TRUE to True).

Use Alternative Search Syntax

In the Query Screen Designer, the HTML tab of the Screen Properties dialog box includes the new option. Previous versions of DB/TextWorks asked the question each time you used Export Query Screen to HTML.

Use Cascading Stype Sheets to preserve formatting

In the Query Screen Designer and Form Designer the HTML tab of the Screen Properties or Form Properties dialog box includes this new option. Previous versions of DB/TextWorks asked the question each time you used Export Query Screen to HTML or Export Editing Form to HTML. See the Readme file for additional features. Note that when DB/TextWorks upgrades a textbase for use with v15.0, all query screens and forms will be modified to have this option checked. If any of your forms include Raw HTML or Inline Images, which may cause overlapping, you may need to open them in the Form Designer to uncheck this option.

Removed features. The following features are no longer available:

WebPublisher Multiple Textbase Query

Presto for DB/TextWorks provides a much more robust ability to search across multiple textbases and display these results.

Scan Image

Textbase-Specific Help

Microsoft has dropped support for the .HLP format in modern versions of Windows. You can use a script button or the Applications menu to launch a textbase-specific help document.

Email--MAPI support

Microsoft has begun deprecating MAPI features in Windows. See the new features for SMTP e-mail, which allow the inclusion of Additional Message Text and a Signature.

Removed Message

The following message has been removed:
"The last textbase you opened with this name was in path1 rather than path2. If you have different textbases with the same name, information stored in your user file may be incompatible with one of them. Continue?"

Feature List for all versions

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