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DB/TextWorks® Version 4.1 Offers New Benefits, Features

DB/TextWorks version 4.1 has the following new features: the much-requested thesaurus, SMTP capability, live hyperlinks in reports and improved scripting capabilities. Version 4.1 is part of Inmagic’s new Maintenance Program.


The thesaurus’ data model contains lots of great features, including the ability to:

  • Find preferred terms
  • Institute preferred terms (for example, General Motors instead of GM)
  • Refine a search by using hierarchy and synonym structure
  • Compile scope notes (used to define a term or clarify exceptional usage)
  • Use textbase tools to design a report

The thesaurus was designed to be easy to use. While a user is working in a textbase they will be able to:

  • Browse and paste from the thesaurus while searching and editing
  • Maintain a thesaurus without leaving the catalog
  • Have reciprocity maintained automatically (If term A points to B, then term B must point to Term A).

The thesaurus is not a substitute for a validation list. It is meant to assist the cataloger but it doesn’t enforce the use of a particular set of terms.

Live Hyperlinks in Reports

DB/TextWorks version 4.1 will also make it easier to link to external resources (such as vendor Web sites) because it can be configured to recognize embedded URLs and e-mail links and convert them into live hyperlinks in reports.

Version 4.1 adds SMTP support for Send Report as Mail

Using Version 4.1 you can now opt to set up each workstation using MAPI, a Microsoft mail standard, or SMTP, an Internet standard, for the Send Report as Mail feature.

This feature is significant because the limitations inherent in some e-mail programs affect the Send Report as Mail option. MAPI launches your default e-mail program and so is dependent on the functionality included with that email program. Several popular e-mail programs do not include full MAPI functionality, and thus cannot support the "Mail each record to a different address" option for Send Report as Mail. SMTP connects directly to your mail server, and is thus independent of any limitations in your default email program.


Version 4.1 includes more powerful scripting capabilities. For example, many of the menu commands can be invoked from within a script. The software will behave just as if the user selected that command from a menu.

It will also be possible for the script to pass parameters to some of the menu commands. For example, it will be possible to export the records in a set to a file without bringing up the dialog box that asks for the file name.

Other scripting capabilities are being added, such as the ability to react when focus enters or leaves a box.

These improvements will mean that the script developer has access to much more of the power of DB/TextWorks. And the end user will discover that more powerful scripts means it takes less effort to accomplish a task.

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