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DB/TextWorks® Version 4.2 Offers New Benefits, Features

Check Spelling as you Type

If you select the new "Check spelling as you type" option on Tools>Spell Check Setup dialog, misspelled words will appear in red as you type. As with other options on the Spell Check Setup dialog, this option is textbase-specific.

You can right+click on a red word to see a list of suggested corrections, or select Ignore All or Add. Add updates your private user dictionary (USERDIC.TLX). Note that the normal right+click menu (Cut, Copy, Paste, etc.) is not available for words which are red.

Print Starting with a Specific Label

When you print using a label form, DB/TextWorks now prompts you to select which label you'd like to start with. The default is the first label. A picture appears on the dialog as a visual aid to help you remember how labels are laid out on the page.

Script Input Boxes

All three designers now permit you to add a Script Input Box to a form or screen. Use a script input box when you need information from the end-user to include in the script. For example, the import file name for a Command.importDataEx() script.

New Script Functionality

You can now use a script to set the state of the Boolean AND/OR/NOT buttons on query screens. For example, you might write a script to reset all the buttons to AND when you use New Query.

The following new script commands are now available:







WebPublisher - Ability to Search Multiple Textbases

The Query Screen Designer now has the WebPublisher Multiple Textbase Query option on the Tools menu. You use this dialog to specify the necessary settings for WebPublisher to search multiple textbases. First you indicate that the current textbase is the lead textbase. Then you Add the other textbases you want to search to a list, and map fields in the other textbases to fields in the current query screen. (Note that only primary textbase fields can be mapped.) You can also specify which report and expanded display form to use for each textbase. When you export the query screen to HTML, the file will contain the necessary codes for WebPublisher.

For example, if you have three textbases: CAT99, CAT00 and CAT01, you could map both the Authors field in the CAT00 textbase and the Names field in the CAT01 textbase to the Author field in the CAT99 textbase. When the end-user types search criteria in the box containing the CAT99 Author field, WebPublisher will also search the Authors field in CAT00 and the Names field in CAT01. Then WebPublisher will display the report using the forms specified for each textbase. Note that records from each textbase are displayed separately; first the records for CAT99 using its form, then the records for CAT00 using its form, etc.

WebPublisher uses the same mechanism to locate the search textbases as it does for the lead textbase: the information stored in DBTWPUB.INI. Therefore, all of the textbases (lead & search) must have unique names, even if they reside in different directories.

Note: You must be sure to save the query screen in the Textbase File (Public) and not to rename or delete it after exporting it to HTML. WebPublisher reads the query screen in the lead textbase to determine the names of the search textbases, the field name mappings, and which forms to use.


Version 4.2 - Feature Changes

Check Spelling Dialog

Spell Check now highlights the misspelled word in the Edit Record window, rather than displaying the field contents in the Check Spelling dialog. This increases accessibility because you can use a larger font for your Edit Record window form if desired. The Check Spelling dialog moves around so that it doesn't obscure the highlighted misspelled word. Note that the "Lock Pos" control is no longer available.

Run-time Master: No Need to Enable

The requirement for using Enable Run-time Master has been removed. The Run-time disks can now be used immediately after copying the files. The Enable Run-time Master command still appears on the Special menu, but is disabled.

Edit Menu Always Available

The Edit menu now always appears, even when no textbase is open.

WebPublisher - Choices Droplists

When you use DB/TextWorks version 4.2 to export your query screens to HTML, WebPublisher choices droplists now do a term search (exact match) instead of a phrase search.

Feature List for all versions

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