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DB/TextWorks® Version 5.0

The following are the new features are found in DB/TextWorks version 5.0.
  • Relevance ranking is now offered, giving you the ability to sort reports so that records most similar to search criteria appear first. Note: This feature also works for DB/Text WebPublisher. 
  • While in the form designer, you now have the ability to expand the size of a window in which you are typing text. 
  • You now have the ability to rebuild indexes while checking a textbase.
  • Those who send reports via e-mail can now include attachments.
  • A new scripting function has been added for those who wish to send e-mail. User defined scripts can supply all answers that would normally be asked of the user, saving time for repetitive e-mail tasks.

For a complete description (in PDF format) of version 5, click here.


The following two WebPublisher features eliminate the problem of having to click back to a prior Web page after processing a task.

  • Expanded record displays can now appear in separate browser windows, giving you the option to point, click and manipulate report and detail information at the same time. 
  • A "new query" button can be added to a report to take users back to the query screen. 

These upgrades are only available to those who have signed up for InmagicADVANTAGE. Find out for yourself how InmagicADVANTAGE brings you a stream of DB/TextWorks enhancements throughout the year by clicking here

Feature List for all versions

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