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DB/TextWorks® Version 6.0

The following new features are found in DB/TextWorks version 6.0.

Use Thesaurus as Validation List

On the Edit Fields dialog in Edit Textbase Structure, the Content Validation group on the Validation tab has a new option: Use Thesaurus as Validation List

To enable this option, you must first connect a thesaurus to the field. You can do so using either Maintain>Set Up Thesaurus outside Edit Textbase Structure, or by using the new buttons in the Thesaurus group on the Text Options tab.

To add terms to the list, you use the normal Maintain Thesaurus interface.

In effect, this means that you can share a validation list across fields or textbases. And since USE entries in a thesaurus behave like a substitution list, you can also in effect share a substitution list across fields or textbases.

Scripts - New Event

The new onQueryExecuted() script event for Query screens permits you to trigger a script when the search operation is complete.

Version 6.0 - Feature Changes

Browse Thesaurus combined with Browse Choices

The Browse Thesaurus (Shift+F3) choice has been removed from the Edit menu. Instead, you now use Browse Choices to view the thesaurus. Thesaurus appears as an option in the List Shows group at the bottom of the Query Choices Browser and Editing Choices Browser. (If a thesaurus is used as a validation list, Thesaurus is disabled on the Editing Choices Browser, and you select Validation List to see the Thesaurus entries.)

This means that you can now browse a thesaurus from the Command Query window.

The Query and Editing Choices Browsers now have a new Search button that is enabled when Thesaurus is selected. When you press the Search button a new dialog comes up which allows you to search the thesaurus for words or phrases, just as on the old Browse Thesaurus dialog.

The Info button from the old Browse Thesaurus dialog is labeled Properties on the Query and Editing Choices Browsers.

Set Up Thesaurus Available in Edit Textbase Structure

In previous versions, you used Maintain>Set Up Thesaurus to connect and disconnect a thesuarus. In version 6.0, you can also connect & disconnect a thesaurus in Edit Textbase Structure. See the Thesaurus group on the Text Options tab on the Edit fields dialog.

Query/Editing Choices Browsers Retain Width Settings

Since version 4.0, you have been able to change the width of the Query Choices Browser and Editing Choices Browser. In version 6.0, the width setting is retained the next time you open the dialog.

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