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DB/TextWorks® Version 6.1

New Features

Store Custom Colors

Custom colors are now stored for later use. Whenever you use the Define Custom Colors button on the Color dialog box to specify a new form or box background color, that custom color is preserved. It will appear on the Color dialog box the next time you open it. The custom colors are written to the INMAGIC.INI file when you exit DB/TextWorks.

Sort Field Lists Alphabetically

A new "Sort textbase field lists alphabetically" option appears on the Display tab of the Tools>Options dialog box. When this option is checked, field lists on various dialog boxes (e.g., Box Properties in the Form Designer and Specify Sort Order) will appear in alphabetic order. If the field list includes secondary textbase fields, they will be mixed in with the primary textbase fields. This option does not affect:

·         The two main field lists in on the Edit Textbase Structure and Edit Fields dialog boxes.

·         The field lists on the Textbase Passwords dialog box in Edit Textbase Structure.

·         The Field list on the Query Choices Browser for query boxes which search multiple fields. You can still use the Query Screen Designer to control the order of fields, so the index for the first field in the list is the one that appears when you use Browse Choices. This applies to WebPublisher Word Wheels and choices droplists as well.

·         The field lists on the Inmagic.net>Configure screens.

Large Toolbar Buttons

A new "Large buttons on toolbars" option appears on the Display tab of the Tools>Options dialog box. When you check this box and click OK, you'll see a message explaining that the buttons will not be resized immediately. Buttons on any new windows will use the new size. The toolbar buttons on any open windows will be resized when you close and re-open the window. Buttons on the main toolbar will be resized when you exit and restart DB/TextWorks.

Disable "The textbase is empty..." messages

A new "Notify when opening empty textbase" option appears on the General tab of the Tools>Options dialog box. This option is checked by default. To prevent these messages from appearing, uncheck the option. Unless a menu screen option specifies an initial action of the Edit New Record window, the query screen will be displayed. (Of course, you won't be able to use the query screen to search for records, since the textbase is empty.)


There are three new scripting properties:


Application.currentMenuPath is especially useful on Windows 2000 and XP systems where the current directory is not the "Start in" directory specified in the shortcut properties.

WebPublisher - Export Editing Form to HTML

There's a new option on the Form Operations menu in the Form Designer: Export Editing Form to HTML. If the form is saved for use in the Edit window, you can use this option to export a Web form for use creating new records with WebPublisher PRO.

When you use Export Editing Form to HTML you will be asked whether you want to use cascading style sheets to retain formatting. If the textbase has passwords, you will also be asked whether you want to add an "Enter password:" box to the form.

Analyze Textbase

A new Analyze Textbase option appears on the Manage Textbases menu. This option will create a text file displaying some information about the records in the textbase (maximum number of entries in each field, etc.).

Version 6.1 - Feature Changes

Query screen - Add Query Box

When you add a box to a query screen outside the Query Screen Designer:

·         In previous versions, the new box was the width of the window. Now it will be the width of the box that was selected when you used Add Box.

·         For a new query box, if you click OK when the box is empty, the selected field will automatically be added to the box. Previous versions displayed a message indicating you needed to add a field before pressing OK.

XML Import/Export

Export in XML format now uses the same format as WebPublisher PRO (and WebPublisher 6.1), with the <inm:...> tags, etc. It also includes null tags for empty fields.

XML import using the default XSL style sheet will import either the 6.0 format or the 6.1 format.

The default XSL style sheet is no longer created automatically the first time you do an XML import. A new Save As button on the File Format tab of the Import Options dialog permits saving he default XSL style sheet to any name you wish. 

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