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Version 8

Brief list of New Features for the Desktop version 8

Dead URL Link Checker

This new feature (available on the Tools menu after you open a textbase) gives you the ability to check the status of a URL link recorded in a textbase. Status information about the URL link (for example, whether it is live, live but with errors reported, or dead) is written to another field you designate in the same textbase. From the information provided after running the Dead URL Link Checker, you may find the need to make corrections to URL addresses or you may decide to delete addresses that no longer work.

Support for Long file names

DB/TextWorks now stores long file names internally for menu screens, link definitions, and image annotation lists. Previous versions stored the short file name, such as Compan~1 for CompanyCatalog.

Recover Textbase command no longer truncates the name of the new, recovered textbase

Instead, the full name of the textbase is preserved and a counter (for example, the number "1") is appended to it. For example, the CompanyCatalog remains CompanyCatalog, and the recovered textbase is named CompanyCatalog1. If CompanyCatalog1 already exists, then the name will become CompanyCatalog2.

Bar Code Generation application now available

This application is for new customers as well as those on maintenance who have not received this application. The BarCodes textbase and Bar Code Generation query screen let you create bar code numbers. Use the Bar Code Generation query screen to specify a starting bar code number and the quantity of new numbers you want to generate, print bar code labels, and mark bar code numbers as printed

Compatible with Windows Server 2003 


Brief list of new features for the web using WebPublisher PRO version 8

Index Browsing on the Web

An additional method is now available to browse indexes (and paste selections) from a search screen on the Web. This new method now allows some browsers, such as Netscape, which couldn't use the Word Wheel, to successfully present indexes to the user and allow pasting selections into search boxes.


You can now add information to areas of HTML reports previously inaccessible to the Form Designer. The new "Includes" tab on the Advanced HTML Options dialog box lets you specify "Includes" for one or more seams of the page.

You can now use Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 to create an interface for WebPublisher PRO databases

The new Inmagic.net menu for creating SOAP interfaces for Web services interaction enables developers to use WebPublisher PRO as a Web service in conjunction with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003. The WebPublisher PRO SOAP interface supports the standard database functions of query (with optional sorting), update, insert, and delete, as well as additional functions unique to WebPublisher PRO. 

Find out how many records meet your criteria without returning the actual records

This new feature can only be used when submitting a query to WebPublisher PRO using  XML. (This is not the normal method when exporting a query from DBTW.) For more information, see the "Returning Only the Record Count for a Web Query"  topic in the online help. (In the online help, first use Find 'XML' then browse to "Returning Only the Record Count for a Web Query)

Compatible with Windows Server 2003 

Ability to automatically import XML 

These features are available to those who purchase DB/TextWorks now and to those who have InmagicADVANTAGE. Find out for yourself how InmagicADVANTAGE brings you a stream of DB/TextWorks enhancements throughout the year by clicking here

The version 8 release of TextWorks and WebPublisher PRO version 8 introduces some rigid interdependencies between the products. Therefore, if you use both TextWorks and an unsupported Inmagic Web publishing product such as WebPublisher, WebPublisher Lite, WebPublisher PRO Lite or any version of WebPublisher PRO less than version 8 you must upgrade both your products to version 8 in order for them to work correctly

All new features and changes to DB/TextWorks and WebPublisher PRO version 8.0 
can be found in the readme file.

Feature List for all versions

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Find out about automatic upgrades using  InmagicADVANTAGE.


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