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Version 9
(Released December 31, 2005)

Major TextWorks features include:

  • Support for PDF files as a standard image type has been added; this means you no longer have to launch the Adobe reader in order to view or print a PDF.
  • Support for GIF images has been added; this means GIF images can now be viewed and manipulated just like any other image format supported by TextWorks.
  • Data entry for documents and images has been simplified as the ability to browse and select a file name (similar to Windows Explorer) has been added.
  • Installation has been simplified by providing the ability to run Setup Workstation using SMS.
  • Batch Modify is now more powerful
    • We’ve added support for special characters such as line breaks and entry delimiter
    • We’ve added the ability to add text to the beginning or end of an entry
  • We’ve made it easier for you to know where your data is by showing the full path of the secondary textbase on the Edit Textbase structure dialog box.
  • We’ve given you more flexibility by providing an option to save forms, etc. as Public by default.
  • We’ve made it easier to manage user information by providing a method other than modifying the registry keys to change the User File Path.
  • We’ve made it easier for you to identify which version of the product you are running by displaying the version number including Service Pack, as applicable, in the title bar.

WebPublisherPRO version 9 features include:

  • Browsing long validation lists is now much faster because we’ve added support for paging the validation list (like we offer when browsing the index during searching)
  • Web data entry is now more robust as we’ve added the ability to browse the link field (in a secondary textbase) while editing
  • We added support for exploded sorts, so Web reports are now more robust
  • You have more control over the look-and-feel of your intranet as we’ve added the ability for users to change the text on the Browse Choices button
  • We made our XML interface more robust by handling certain characters unacceptable to XML.
  • We’ve updated the Inmagic XML tutorial, providing developers improved documentation for using this standards-based interface
  • Web developers now have access to secondary fields in <KeyFields> and <SortFields>
  • We've added XML functions to support batch modification from the Web, so that Web application developers can now accomplish more functions from the Web
  • We’ve made Index Browse more robust by preventing Index Browser terms from wrapping and causing controls at the bottom of the window to disappear.
  • We’ve added the textbase name to the XML schema, making development easier

Inmagic customers on maintenance will automatically receive TextWorks version 9 and/or (if applicable) WebPublisher PRO version 9 as part of their annual maintenance contract and can take advantage of the enhanced features and functionality without additional cost. If you have not received this release, please send an email request to Advantage@inmagic.com with your serial number.

Remember, if you own both TextWorks and WebPublisher PRO, you need to keep both products on the same version. These products are designed to work together and therefore these products have interdependencies. So please upgrade both TextWorks and WebPublisher PRO to ensure they work correctly.

Some additional notes for Content Server customers:

  • Content Server version numbering will be synchronized with DB/Text version numbering with the version 9 release. So Content Server maintenance customers on CS v1.3 will be upgraded to version 9.
  • The Content Server version 9 release will occur in early 2006. Content Server version 9 will contain the above features as well as a number of additional enhancements related specifically to the Content Server environment and MS SQL Server.

If you have further questions regarding TextWorks and WebPublisher PRO version 9 contact Crew-Noble.

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