Inmagic® Genie Version 3.6 README

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About Inmagic® Genie

Inmagic® Genie is a Web-based integrated library system (ILS) designed to meet the expanding needs of information centers that must manage and provide effective access to both traditional and non-traditional library materials. 

What's New in this Version?

Each new and enhanced feature is discussed briefly here. The applicable Inmagic Software Feature Request number follows each item listed. For more information on a feature, see the Inmagic Genie Technical Notes.

Order Edit Page Navigation

Next and Previous buttons can be added to Order edit screens. [6340]

Ability to Duplicate an Order

A Duplicate button can be added to an Order edit screen. [7632]

Streamlined OPAC Self-Checkout

Features have been added to support construction of a simplified self-checkout screen, requiring fewer keystrokes. They include the ability to move the action buttons to the bottom of the screen, and the ability to specify tab order for the edit boxes. These features are available for use with any edit screen. [7637, 7665, 7666]

Search Result Display Improvements

When returning to a summary search result display after editing a record or viewing its detail, Genie remembers the page you were viewing. [7634]

When a record is deleted, it is now removed from the current set and no longer appears in the summary display. [7633]

Internet Explorer v10 Support

Genie has been tested with IE 10, and issues discovered have been addressed, for example, tabs on the Catalog edit screen and some cosmetic display issues. [7653]

Support for Other Browsers

Genie can now be used with Google Chrome. Firefox and Chrome are supported for use with most Genie functions with the exception of label printing.

Issues Addressed

The following issues are addressed by this version.  The applicable Inmagic Software Problem Report (SPR) number follows each item listed.

Additional Documentation and Help Resources

Below is a list of documentation and help resources. In addition to being available on the Genie 3.6 download page if so indicated, electronic copies of the documents are  available on the Documentation Page of the Customer Extranet.