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User Success Stories

California Child Welfare Resource Library
The California Child Welfare Resource Library is located in Long Beach, California, but its mission is to provide up-to-date educational materials for knowledge- and skill-building throughout the state to schools of social work, county public child welfare agencies, and regional training academies and centers, in order to promote best practices and advocate for families and children who use the child welfare system. The Library delivers on this mission by lending items in diverse formats to its end users, whose budgets are typically constrained and highly value the ability to borrow instead of buy or to try before they do buy. To make its holdings easily accessible throughout the state, the Library’s staff relies on Inmagic® Genie. With Genie the Library’s OPAC is available 24/7 via the Web, and end users can easily request materials via Genie’s InfoCart capability. Because it includes information about the source of each item, the Library’s catalog has a worldwide impact by serving as a valuable bibliography for child welfare professionals who find the Library through Internet search engines and bulletin boards. Read more.

Women's Health Victoria
Women’s Health Victoria is an independent women’s health promotion organization run by women for women across the state of Victoria, Australia. The core of the organization’s work is the Women’s Health Information Clearinghouse, a diverse collection of information and resources, including books, electronic resources, submissions, cataloged articles and information packages. Its “community of interest” includes individuals and organizations that work in areas that influence health outcomes, such as health service and health information providers, policy and opinion leaders, researchers and educators.

Inmagic® Genie was the obvious choice for the Clearinghouse because it offered cataloging and lending functionally along with the ability to manage multiple copies across multiple collections. The staff also find the software to be user-friendly and flexible and like the beautiful, customized screens with a professional, friendly look. Borrowing of items from the Clearinghouse’s resource collection has quadrupled since Genie and its built-in InfoCart feature made it easy to find and request items online. Serials are now managed online as well, one way in which internal procedures have been streamlined using Genie.

BreaCan is a service of Women’s Health Victoria that provides free and confidential information, support and referral to women (and men) with breast cancer, their partners, family and friends outside the medical setting. This unique resource is located separately from Women’s Health Victoria but its collection has been included in the Clearinghouse’s Genie catalogue. Because Genie’s screens lend themselves so readily to customization they have been designed so that BreaCan users can choose to retrieve resources that are located only at the BreaCan Resource Centre. The beauty of Genie is that Women’s Health Victoria has been able to provide two quite disparate user communities with relevant information under one umbrella. Read more.

Holland & Knight LLP
Holland & Knight LLP is among the world’s 15 largest law firms, with 26 offices across the U.S. and several international locations. Staffed with over 1,200 lawyers and professionals, Holland & Knight has practice groups and industry-based teams that work collaboratively to draw upon their collective depth and breadth of experience to serve their clients. This collaborative focus means that the firm needed to ensure that library resources were shared throughout the firm. The challenge was to create a firm-wide Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) that listed the firm’s library materials in one easily searchable catalog yet still allow regional offices some control over their own processes. Ten offices had already been using different solutions but the firm chose Inmagic® Genie for its Web-based interface, which would allow each local office to maintain its own data in the shared catalog. To form the core of the new catalog ten different databases were merged into one, and regional administrators were then empowered to enter and edit their own data and also manage routing of their own serials. Since the OPAC is available on the firm’s intranet it is accessible 24/7, allowing searching during off hours. In some cases users can read electronic materials right away or read abstracts and order the printed materials they need. Materials that are not owned locally can be borrowed from another office, and users can request to purchase new materials that are not yet in the catalog. Read more.

ICF Jones & Stokes
ICF Jones & Stokes is a leading environmental planning and natural resources management consulting company. As consultants their product is information. Prior to purchasing Genie, all the library’s holdings, including all of the reports generated by the firm during its 35-year history, had been catalogued in an Access database, which although accessible on an intranet, was not widely used. Now with Genie the library is accessed by internal staff members, most of whom are scientists and technical specialists, including those at 16 branch offices in the western U.S. They now also maintain a growing digital collection of the PDF versions of the company reports. The librarian reports that requests and library usage via the Web have been increasing compared to paper and in-person loan requests. She has also been experimenting with WIKI software. By doing a search in Genie and copying the link to a shopping cart result, she has found that she can generate a reading list for any topic and simply copy the link into the WIKI page. Read more

Dreyfus Corporation
The Dreyfus Corporation, headquartered in New York City, is one of the nation’s leading mutual fund companies. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mellon Financial Corporation. The library serves as a catalog for the mutual fund industry, housing financial publications, serials, purchased market research, papers, and electronic media. It also serves any Mellon Bank subsidiary or affiliate in need of information, about 21-23,000 people organization-wide. Inmagic® Genie was chosen for a number of reasons. Even though the organization has offices in many locations the library can be managed over the Web, library staff can input records via the website, and users can browse the collection 24/7 from any location. This facilitates interdepartmental sharing of resources, leading to substantial savings. Read more.

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