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Key Benefits at a Glance

Inmagic Software Products for IT Departments 

Database Design is Simplified & Flexible — Inmagic software supports a 3-dimensional data model in which fields can have multiple entries per record.  Because textual information is often multi-dimensional, Inmagic solutions work elegantly when dealing with this kind of information.  Inmagic textbases (Inmagic’s term for database) are scalable, offer unlimited, multi-entry field lengths, and can store structured and unstructured content.   

Supports Diverse Data Types — Inmagic textbases easily handle information of text, multi-media, images, URL’s, PDF’s, numerical and other data types.     

Information is Never Truncated or Abbreviated — Due to adaptive field technology, Inmagic textbases adapt to the length/shape of the data.  This is unlike relational products where field length is preset and the data must be truncated to fit into a preset mold. 

Lightning Quick Database Queries — Inmagic textbases are term and keyword indexed, providing results in less than one second. 

Lightest of Footprints on System Resources — Because Inmagic textbases are term and keyword indexed, minimal system resources are used to achieve query results. 

ODBC Compliant — Open access to information in Inmagic textbases through ODBC. 

Built on Microsoft Technology — Inmagic software is proprietary, built upon MFC, C and C++ technology. 

No DBA Maintenance Needed — Because Inmagic software is self-supporting, it does not need the services of a DBA. 

Minimal Support of End-users — Inmagic software is easy enough to run that end-users can use and troubleshoot it effectively themselves.  Inmagic has a highly effective support department with years of experience answering user questions. 

Very Low Learning Curve — IT managers do not need to learn Inmagic software in order for end-users to use it effectively.  However, IT managers may find Inmagic’s technology to be so compelling that they’ll want to use this easy to learn software for their own applications.   

Superior Output — Inmagic software have robust report writers and integrated imaging. 

Rapid Applications Development — Inmagic products have a non-programming database design and development environment.  Rapid applications development helps to ensure the success of IT projects.

Over 20 Years of Continual Development — Inmagic software has been continually under development since 1983. More than 5,000 organizations around the world have placed their trust in Inmagic software to actively manage both physical and virtual assets and gain extraordinary insights from them. This includes:

  • 60 of the Fortune 100 companies
  • 18 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies
  • 87 of the top 100 legal firms
  • 7 of the top 10 financial services firms

Click here for some names of Inmagic Inc. clients.

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