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Why Invest in Inmagic Software?

Key Questions Most Often Asked by IT Professionals

1. Why should I use Inmagic? I’ve barely heard of them. 

If you’re like most of our customers, you’ve been approached by an end-user with the need to create a database and application of highly textual and/or visual data elements. That’s a tall order because some of the traditional solutions do not work very well when dealing with this kind of data.Your challenge is to find the best solution to this problem, one that will work elegantly for the end-user while keeping your support and maintenance responsibilities to an absolute minimum. 

Yes, on the front-end you will need to make the small investment of installing new software on your network. However, on the back-end you’re going to discover that an Inmagic solution for textually oriented database applications will provide you and your end-users with some key benefits that will save you hundreds of hours of support, maintenance, and system resource costs over the life of the application. At the same time, your end-users will benefit from the most elegant solution they need for their application.  

Inmagic, Inc. is located in Woburn, Massachusetts, in the heart of the route 128 technology belt. We’ve been developing our core product lines—continually—for 20 years and our loyal customer base of over 8,000 sites worldwide attest to our integrity, stability and strong emphasis on customer service and support. Read on to learn the common questions we get from IT and learn for yourself how our answers meet their (and your) needs.  

2. If I Invest in Inmagic Software, What Do I Need to Learn and Why Should I Learn It? 

You don’t really need to learn anything other than how best to install Inmagic software—and that’s pretty easy! One of the core benefits of Inmagic software is that for you, the IT manager, it’s really a set-it-and-forget-it tool. The software is easy enough to use that any end-user with a bit of training can use its full functionality without having to tap you on the shoulder on a continual basis. This results in a tremendous time-savings for you over the life of a typical application.

3. Why Should I Purchase Your Product When I Already Have One or More of the Nationally Known Database Tools? 

Inmagic is designed to manage and present highly textual/visual information in that it is term and keyword indexed. With term and keyword indexing, database queries become lightning quick while leaving the lightest of footprints on system resources. As we’ve already mentioned, if you use some of the other tools out there, especially for highly textual databases, you’re likely going to have to support it and a DBA will likely have to maintain it because other products often aren’t designed to be self-supported, self-maintained as are Inmagic’s.  

4. How Often Will I Have to Support My End-users? 

Not often. Because Inmagic software has been continually developed over a period of 20 years at over 5,000 user sites worldwide, the issues have been worked out. We’ve developed a product that can be maintained and supported by your end-users through Inmagic’s established customer support department. As we’ve already mentioned, Inmagic software solutions allow you to set-it-and-forget-it, giving you the opportunity to become as involved as you wish on the use of our software.

5. If I Let My Users Run Their Own Applications How Do I Know, On a Continual Basis, That Our Corporate Information Needs Are Being Maximized? 

With an Inmagic solution, your oversight will be needed, from time to time, without the software becoming a heavy burden to you as is the case with so many other applications. With 20 years of constant software development, Inmagic products are designed to give you the opportunity to tweak and improve performance, not deal with major items like broken tables, etc.

6. Who Are Your Clients? 

Inmagic has a worldwide direct and dealer supported customer base. More than 5,000 organizations around the world have placed their trust in Inmagic software to actively manage both physical and virtual assets and gain extraordinary insights from them. This includes:

  • 60 of the Fortune 100 companies
  • 18 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies
  • 87 of the top 100 legal firms
  • 7 of the top 10 financial services firms

Some of our customers include Dreyfus, Owens Corning, the American Philatelic Society, Kennedy Space Center (NASA), the City of Edmonton (Alberta, CA), Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Johns Hopkins University Center for Communications, the New Zealand Parliament, Newsweek, The Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Holland + Knight, and R.V. Anderson Associates Ltd..

7. Upon What Technology Is Inmagic Software Built? 

From the perspective of strength and durability, Inmagic products are built on a foundation of 20 years of continual software development. Some of the members of our software development and testing teams have been with us from day one. From a technological perspective, Inmagic software is proprietary, built upon a foundation using standard Microsoft C++ and MFC technology. Inmagic software supports a variety of import and export formats and is also ODBC compliant. There is never a risk of losing proprietary data in a proprietary system. 

8. How Does Inmagic Software Search the Database? 

Inmagic textbases are term and keyword indexed allowing for extremely rapid query searches while minimizing the burden on system resources.

9. What Are Inmagic’s System Requirements 

In most cases, the system requirements are no greater than they would be for the host operating system.  Click here for details.      

10. What Are Inmagic Security Features? 

Inmagic software supports multiple-user, field-level passwords (Information is not encrypted within the binary files.). The person in charge of the textbase can set passwords for a user or group of users, drilling down access to a particular field within the textbase. Inmagic passwords integrate fully with existing OS security.  Record level security is also fully supported. 

11. OK—So Inmagic Has All This Great Software. How Does It All Fit Together? 

At the core of any Inmagic application is the DB/Text Database. From there, various applications can be added to satisfy the various business needs of the customer.    

12. How can Inmagic products help my department?

End-users aren’t the only ones who can benefit from Inmagic software.  If your department is dealing with highly textual data, then consider an Inmagic solution for your benefit.  If you can think of an application in regards to dealing with textual information, then it’s highly likely that Inmagic can provide the solution.


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