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Inmagic's WebPublisher PRO

Inmagic's WebPublisher PRO is a better way to access and maintain information found in databases on intranets and the Internet.  It's easy to work with and cost-effective.

WebPublisher PRO is a read/write web publishing product from Inmagic that enables you to easily create search screens, reports and forms so your users can work interactively with information in textbases (databases with full text capability) via a web browser. For example, users can add comments/reviews about in-house resources.  

WebPublisher PRO allows you to:

  • Search textbase content via a web browser 
  • Edit textbase data using a web form
  • Create interactive forms with third party tools which use XML
  • Customize reports to match the look of your web site design
  • Tightly integrate textbases with other applications.
WebPublisher PRO allows an unlimited number of textbases with unlimited number of users.

WebPublisher PRO takes advantage of XML, XSLT, and SOAP technologies.

For Libraries or Information Resource Centers 

WebPublisher PRO can be used to increase visibility and interaction with users. Some specific examples are: 

  • Remote Cataloging of Documents - Library staff can perform cataloging via a web browser from branch offices. 
  • Virtual Reference - Use WebPublisher PRO to create web forms that allow users to submit questions directly into a database,.  The staff can then use the database to easily manage the questions. After the questions have been answered, if the staff wishes, they can be tagged to allow them to be searchable on your web site. This becomes your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) textbase.
  • Document Delivery - Create a web form to allow users to request documents online.  The requests go directly into a textbase, which then can be used by staff to manage the requests.
  • Annotation of Documents - Allow users to submit reviews or rate documents.
  • Database of Experts - Allow users to complete a web form that includes information about experts. Upon submitting the form the data goes directly into a textbase and is instantly available on the intranet.
  • Database of Web Sites - Allow users to complete a web form that includes web sites that would be of interest to others in the organization. 


Build and Maintain Knowledgebases

At a reasonable cost Inmagic software can make your knowledgebases interactive. Users can add value to your knowledgebase by supplying additional information about records in the textbase. This is often described as interactive knowledge management. Here are a few examples...

  • Training Materials - You have a knowledgebase of internal training materials on your intranet, but you want to get some feedback from those who have used the materials. Use WebPublisher PRO to set up a feedback web form. Employees can now rank the materials on a scale of 1 to 10, or provide comments on how useful they found the materials to be. Their rankings are immediately placed into the knowledgebase. Other users can then sort the materials based on those rankings. The user group determines what's truly useful by providing feedback.
  • Contact Management - Use WebPublisher PRO to search for existing clients or prospects.  The resulting display will have a link to a web form that will allow users to automatically update the textbase. Use a new record web form to create a new client or prospect record, which is instantly added to the contact management textbase. Comments and notes can be as long as you wish and is searchable.

For a description of WebPublisher PRO in Adobe Acrobat pdf format, click here.

For minimum system requirements, click here.

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