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Version 10.00 README File

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This README file covers Inmagic® DB/TextWorks® and Inmagic® DB/Text® WebPublisher PRO. You only need to read about those products that you purchased.


About the Products

What's New in this Version?

Issues Resolved

Backward Compatibility Issues

Documentation Resources

Contacting Inmagic, Inc. and Communicating with Others

About the Products

DB/TextWorks is a content management system—a type of database software that enables you to build networked and standalone textbases to manage text, numbers, dates, and electronic images. DB/TextWorks combines traditional database power, including the ability to manipulate data and perform arithmetic calculations, with the ability to handle large amounts of text. When you want to publish your textbase(s) over the Web, you need to use DB/Text WebPublisher PRO.

DB/TextWorks also provides you with access to™, which gives you the ability to connect to the Inmagic server from within a DB/TextWorks session to accomplish various tasks related to cataloging, indexing, and disseminating information throughout an organization.

DB/Text WebPublisher PRO is a server version of DB/TextWorks that enables you to publish textbases on the Internet or an intranet, so Web users can search them. WebPublisher PRO accepts queries from standard Web browsers, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, and accepts XML function calls. The software returns search results in dynamically generated HTML and XML reports, and allows for editing over the Web. WebPublisher PRO, which is a separate product to be purchased, is used together with DB/TextWorks, which is the "buildware" for creating searchable textbases.

What's New in this Version?

This section lists each new and enhanced feature for DB/TextWorks and WebPublisher PRO. For more information on a feature, see the online help, unless otherwise noted.



  • The Import Options dialog box for Import Document now includes Image fields in the "Field for file name" list.


  • Export Query Screen to HTML, Export Editing Form to HTML, and Export Menu Screen to HTML now include the textbase element name in a comment at the top of the HTML source. This will make it easier to determine later, for example, which textbase query screen was exported to create the HTML file.


  • Textbase Information now includes a list of public elements (forms, query screens, and so on).


  • About this Computer System now includes the paths for dbtext32.exe, inmagic.ini & dbtext.ini.


  • Changes for the Query Screen Designer:
    • For the Query Box Properties dialog box, on the HTML tab, the choices that appear for the Index box, use option button are now listed in alphabetical order.


  • Changes for the Install Kit.


    • The Check for Service Packs option is selected by default.


    • The Check for Service Packs, Display XML Schema, and other check boxes now launch the documents. Previous versions launched the main Customer Extranet page.


    • The program files are digitally signed.




WebPublisher PRO


  • The option to use an alternative search syntax is now available when exporting a query screen to HTML. When using this syntax, if users type multiple words in a query box, WebPublisher PRO automatically performs an AND operation between the words. A new alternative help file (WEB_ALT_BEGIN.HTM) is launched from query screens using the alternative search syntax.


  • The ability to configure an RSS feed is now available. Choose>Configure in DB/TextWorks to create an .ASP page and .XSL transform for use in generating an RSS feed.


  • Image files can be located in multiple folders. If the image file name in the textbase field includes a forward slash (/), WebPublisher PRO will use the path specified in the field, instead of the location specified in the [WebPublisher Image Locations] section of the DBTWPUB.INI file.


  • Web Batch Modify supports the validation=override/update parameter.


  • Web Edit permits you to add new entries at the cursor position, using the pipe (|) character. Previous versions always added new entries at the end of the field.


  • Changes for the Inmagic Choices Browser:


    • Supports Firefox browsers. Note: You must re-export your query screens to HTML if you want to use them with Firefox.
    • Permits customization of the text on the Add, Replace All, NEXT, and PREV buttons.
    • Help button added.
    • Width of the column showing the number of records is configurable (by creating MyIndex_browse.css and adding a .hitColWidth style).
    • Displays WebPublisher PRO and IIS errors.
    • Tooltips appear for most controls.


  • The following is now available for XML:
    • A new XM=2 parameter specifies that XML output should include the query detail.


  • WebHideINM=, WebLinkINM=, and WebAllowExplode= no longer require a WWW restart to be recognized. Note: You must move WebHideINM= and WebLinkINM= from INMAGIC.INI to DBTWPUB.INI to take advantage of this enhancement.


  • New parameters for turning on (or off) writing to the XMLINPUT.LOG and XMLOUTPUT.LOG files, and supporting the ability to view these files via the Web.  Inmagic Technical Support may ask you to turn on these files when diagnosing issues.  Previous versions always wrote to the files if they existed.


  • The wording of the old "internal errors" has been changed to include more information for diagnostics purposes. The messages now begin with "Operation failed..."


  • Changes to the Install Kit:


o       Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 must be installed before you can install the WebPublisher PRO software. The installation program will not proceed if it does not detect that .NET Framework version 2.0 is already on the machine on which you are trying to install the WebPublisher PRO software.

o       Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.0 must be installed before you can install the WebPublisher PRO software. The installation program will not proceed if it does not detect that Internet Explorer version 6.0 is already on the machine on which you are trying to install the WebPublisher PRO software.

o       The install kit now includes an HTML query screen (CARSQSB.HTM) for use with the sample CARS textbase that uses the Inmagic Choices Browser.


o       For the WebPublisher PRO virtual directories, dbtw-wpd and InmagicBrowse, the install kit lets you select a Web site other than Default Web Site, and permits you to specify which authentication to use (Anonymous, Basic, Integrated Windows) and whether to use SSL.


o       The program files are digitally signed.



Issues Resolved


DB/TextWorks version 10.00 addressed the following issues. The applicable Inmagic Software Problem Report (SPR) number follows each item listed.





  • Improved PDF display in Images window. [4123]


  • Batch Modify is more reliable. Many of these fixes also affect WebPublisher PRO. [3342, 3371, 3388, 3409 to 3411, 3528, 3613, 3665, 3669, 3752, 4054, 4151]


  • Manage Textbases operations (Copy, Rename, Delete, etc.) display a friendlier message if the textbase is read-only. [402]


  • Thesaurus.  Maintain Thesaurus is now compatible with Internet Explorer 7.0. [5032]


  • When using Import Document, the software no longer exits the second time you import PDF files. Instead, a message is written to the textbase log file. Due to threading issues, you must exit DB/TextWorks before using Import Document again. Instead of importing PDF files one at a time, use Ctrl+click and Shift+click to select multiple files to import in one step. [1236]


  • The Edit Validation Lists and Edit Substitution Lists dialog boxes now behave properly when the "Sort textbase field lists alphabetically" option is selected. [1309]


  •  A blank message was fixed for the User file directory option. [3470]


  • Scan Image now includes the path if the scanned image is not in the same folder as the textbase. [4073]


  • Customize Toolbars includes a button for Browse Files. [3455]


  • Export Menu Screen to HTML - restored a confirmation message if the menu screen contains no boxes that would initiate searches. [4997]


  • Print Textbase Information from Edit Secondary Record now prints the information for the secondary textbase when you use Print to file. Previously, Print to file printed the information from the primary textbase. [5001]



WebPublisher PRO



  • Inmagic Choices Browser:


    • Selecting a different field name from the drop-down list or a different option from the Terms List/Words List option button no longer causes the window to revert to its default size. [4468]


    • Now works with CGI. Previous versions showed "(no entries in index)" on some systems. [1086]


    • Addressed next/previous page issues. [1414, 3412]


    • Enter now activates the Find button. [3618]


    • The window height has been increased to accommodate the browser status bar. [4012]


    • WEB.CONFIG now uses iso-8859-1 encoding. [3700]


    • The AC=INDEX_BY_KEY command now reports trappable errors. [3755, 5075]


    • No longer displays "A potentially dangerous Request.Form value was detected…" if you use Find to jump to a term containing the less than (<) symbol. [4907]



  • New Record links on query screens now clear the edit boxes. The edit boxes no longer show the contents of the previously-saved record. [SPR 82]


  • XML output


    • Batch Delete treats KeyFields properly when the fields have repeating entries. Previous versions concatenated the entries. [574]


    • The descriptions of OE, RN, and SN in the Web Schema are now accurate. [3444, 4375]


    • "No records found…" messages no longer include a <RecordProcessed> tag with SOAPFormat=1. [4194]


  • The textbase log file better describes the status of skipped records that were not successfully modified. [3158, 4093]


  • Message pages now use the specified message file for the version comment line in the HTML source. [4480]




Backward Compatibility Issues

DB/TextWorks and DB/Text WebPublisher PRO 10.0 are compatible with the following Inmagic products:

·        DB/SearchWorks Runtime 9.00

·        DB/Text PowerPack (and PowerPack Lite) version 8.00

·        DB/Text MARC Transformer

·        DB/Text for Libraries version 6.1

·        Inmagic® ODBC Driver for DB/Text® version 8.00

·        Inmagic Gatherer version 1.30.2

The first two above are included on the DB/TextWorks 10.00 installation CD.

You can use products with earlier versions with DB/TextWorks 10.00 if:

·        The textbase structure is not created or modified using DB/TextWorks 8.00 or later.

·        The public textbase elements (query screens, forms, and record skeletons) or textbase default elements are not changed using DB/TextWorks 8.00 or later. Note that public saved sets can be changed (for example, refreshed, or created) without affecting backward compatibility.

Note: The image annotation format changed in DB/TextWorks 8.00. If you are upgrading from DB/TextWorks 7.01 or earlier, you will need to convert your image annotations for use with DB/TextWorks 10.00. Contact Inmagic Technical Support for information on how to do so.

Documentation Resources

The following table lists the documentation and help resources for DB/TextWorks and WebPublisher PRO. When available, you received electronic copies of the respective documentation set when you installed the applicable product. You will find them in the Documentation subfolder of the main installation folder for each product. In addition, you can access the documentation sets through the Inmagic Customer Extranet at



Installation and Upgrade Notes for DB/TextWorks

This document explains how to install and upgrade the product. An electronic version of this document is available on the installation CD-ROM or when you download the product.

Installation and Upgrade Notes for WebPublisher PRO

This document explains how to install and upgrade the product. An electronic version of this document is available on the installation CD-ROM or when you download the product.

Online Help File

The help file, which covers DB/TextWorks and WebPublisher PRO, contains the most up-to-date information and includes more details than their user's manuals. To open the help file, start DB/TextWorks and press F1, or choose Help>Help Topics from the DB/TextWorks menu bar.

Web Services Guide

This guide describes the Web services - SOAP interface available for use with the DB/Text® product line. It is available as a PDF file, which is also included with the installation of the WebPublisher PRO product.

XML Tutorial

You can use this tutorial to help you get started with WebPublisher PRO. Created with Microsoft ASP, this tutorial lets you add records via the Web to the Cars textbase, which is also installed with WebPublisher PRO. See Knowledgebase article 2772.

Inmagic Web Products Schema Documentation

This file contains information about each element you can submit in XML to WebPublisher PRO. To access the schema documentation, go to the Inmagic Customer Extranet.

README File for PowerPack Lite

PowerPack Lite is bundled with DB/TextWorks, and you install PowerPack Lite from the same method as you installed DB/TextWorks (from an installation CD-ROM or from a download). This README file was installed in the PowerPack Lite installation folder.


Use the Inmagic Technical Support knowledgebase on the Web to search for solutions to common problems and explanations for error messages. To access the knowledgebase, go to the Inmagic Customer Extranet.

HTML help pages for WebPublisher PRO

These files provide help topics for WebPublisher PRO. See the online help for descriptions of WEB_BEGIN.HTM, WEB_ALT_BEGIN.HTM, WEB_ICHOICES.HTM, WEB_MSG.HTM, and WEB_WW.HTM, which are in the HELP subfolder of the WebPublisher PRO installation folder, and INMBROWSEHELP.HTM, which is in the INMAGICBROWSE subfolder.


Contacting Inmagic and Communicating with Other Users

For help, you can contact Inmagic, Inc. or your local Inmagic dealer. You can also communicate with other Inmagic users.

If you have a maintenance agreement, please have your customer ID ready, and try to be at your computer when you call. If that is not possible, note exactly what you were doing when you encountered the problem, the exact text of any error messages you received, and your software version number and serial number (choose Help>About DB/TextWorks to look it up). If you do not have a maintenance agreement, you can contact Inmagic Customer Service to purchase one.

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- general company, product, and services questions

- sales, product pricing, and custom solution questions

- feature requests

If your message is intended for a particular person at Inmagic, Inc. (for example, a Technical Support representative who is expecting the message or files), please include the name of that person in the subject and in the message.

Communicating with Other Users

You can participate in user-to-user discussions through an Inmagic forum on the Web. Note that the forums are not an official customer or technical support channel for Inmagic products. To participate in a forum, go to the Inmagic Customer Extranet at