Inmagic® DB/Text® WebPublisher PRO Version 15.0 README

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About DB/Text WebPublisher PRO

DB/Text WebPublisher PRO is a server version of DB/TextWorks that enables you to publish textbases on the Internet or an intranet, so Web users can search them. WebPublisher PRO accepts queries from standard Web browsers, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, and accepts XML function calls. The software returns search results in dynamically generated HTML and XML reports, and allows for editing over the Web. WebPublisher PRO is used together with DB/TextWorks, which is the "buildware" for creating searchable textbases.

New and Enhanced Features

Please see the DB/TextWorks 15.0 README.HTM for a list of new and enhanced features.

Important Notes for those upgrading from a previous version:

Please see the installation notes for more information.

Issues Addressed

The following issues are addressed by this version. The applicable Inmagic Software Problem Report (SPR) number is enclosed in [square brackets].

Known Issues

There are no known issues at this time.

Additional Documentation and Help Resources

Below is a list of the documentation and help resources for WebPublisher PRO. If you cannot locate installed copies of these documents, please check the Inmagic Customer Extranet.