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WebPublisher Version 6.1 INI in New Location

INI files have been moved out of the Windows directory

Many users complained about the need to keep the INI files that WebPublisher uses in the Windows directory. The default directory for all WebPublisher 6.1 and WebPublisher PRO .ini files is NO LONGER the Windows directory. If the install kit found dbtext.ini, DBTWPUB.INI, or INMAGIC.INI in the Windows directory, it copied them to the WebPublisher installation directory and then renamed them in the Windows directory to have a .001 extension. If you wish to edit any of these files, they are now located in the install directory (typically \inetpub\webpub). Note that while WebPublisher now looks for these files in the install directory, if it can't find them, it will then check the Windows directory.

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Revised: 03/08/03