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Web-Based Training Description

Using Inmagic® DB/Textworks Version 12

Web - 1 Searching Textbases and Working with Search Results

Browsing indexes 
Using Boolean operators within a query box and between multiple query boxes 
Query syntax
Searching for dates
Finding all the records in a textbase
Basic Query Screen
odifying a Query screen "on the fly" or "permanently"
Selecting a Query screen
Saving, loading, refreshing searches
Combining a saved set with other search criteria
Select Search Results window
Working with selected records using different forms
Printing, selecting printing form
Print preview
Send report as email

Web - 2 Creating New Textbases and Adding, Modifying, and Deleting Records

Creating a new textbase by copying existing structure or by creating new definition
Editing a new record using Basic Edit form
Cutting, copying and pasting information
Working with multiple entries in a field
Validation (controlling the information in a field)
Substituting (type an acronym, get complete word or phrase)
Inserting a series of numbers or dates
Creating a record skeleton
Editing one record at a time
Editing a batch of records at the same time
Modifying an edit form
Duplicating a record
Deleting one record at a time
Deleting a batch of records
Spell checking
Dead URL Link checking

Web - 3 Basic Report & Form Design

Form boxes  vs. text boxes
Box properties: contents, size & position, field labels, format, paragraphs ...
Report headers
Use of color
Form properties and page set up
Margin area vs. record area
Compulsory sort

Web - 4 Advanced Report & Form Design

Sort keys
eaders and footers (to print something once at the top or bottom of a report or sort key)
Exploded sort (to list records under multiple entries)
Prompted text
Emulating Inmagic tagged format with a report
Write report to file
Working with menu screens 
Introduction to scripting

Web - 5 Advanced Textbase Design and Administration

Exporting / Importing data
Protecting your data
Problem solving
Active hypertext links
Working with linked textbases
Thesaurus basics
Other textbase options (stop words, default sort order, leading articles, ... )
Customizing toolbars

Web - WP1 WebPublisher: Creating search pages and dynamic reports

Understanding how WebPublisher works with a textbase and the web server software
Designing a search screen and exporting it to a file in HTML format
Setting HTML properties, such as Word Wheels, default reports, number of records to display, Next/Previous button location, password box, logos
Designing a table report, a brief report and a full report
Adding hyperlinks, images, "See Also" links, background color

Crew-Noble also provides private training, consulting, and/or movement of data into any 
DB/TextWorks textbase or the Library Module, either at your location or at our Danville office.

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