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Web Publishing Products and Services

Inmagic offers DB/Text® Web Publisher PRO to allow you to publish, access, and maintain information on intranets and the Internet. You can disseminate all sorts of information including product catalogs with pictures, directories, technical support information (knowledgebases), archives, company policies and procedures, press clippings, library materials, and electronic resources -- anything in your DB/TextWorks databases -- and you can edit it via a Web browser!

In addition, Crew-Noble Information Services offers Web database hosting.

DB/Text WebPublisherPRO

DB/Text Web Publisher PRO provides an easy way to search tens of thousands of pages and images using a browser on your intranet or Internet site. There is no need to navigate through multiple layers of hyperlinks. The WebPublisher combines the power and sophistication of a database (DBMS) with the speed, flexibility, and ease-of-use associated with text-retrieval products. This easy-to-use solution provides Web site administrators with a significantly improved data management tool for Web site creation, maintenance, editing, and monitoring.

Existing records can be edited or new records created using web forms.

Search screens and search results are easy to create using a drag-and-drop WYSIWYG designer. Multiple views of the data are created once and used with each search.  Several or many views of each data set can be a click away.  No programming is necessary, but forms can be enhanced with html, for example to match the look and feel of your Web site. WebPublisher PRO takes advantage of XML, XSLT, and SOAP technologies.

DB/Text WebPublisherPRO's new query choices browser capability eliminates trial-and-error searching that often adds to the frustration of searching on the Web. With a single mouse click, users can preview the index and show all the words in a textbase field. Browsing, selecting and pasting search criteria eliminates the guesswork and simplifies searching.

WebPublisherPRO allows an unlimited number of textbases with unlimited number of searchers. You can even search multiple databases at once.

Presto for DB/TextWorks

Presto for DB/TextWorks is a limited version of Presto that enables many new Web-publishing capabilities for DB/TextWorks customers, while allowing them to continue to maintain their textbases in DB/TextWorks.


WebPublisherPRO brochure in pdf

Care to test drive WebPublisher? We invite you to try some WebPublisher examples.

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WebPublisher Overview is an MS Word document created by Crew-Noble that shows how to create a search screen and reports in DB/TextWorks that work with WebPublisherPRO.

Technical Requirements


Free Patches for all Inmagic Products can be found in the Inmagic Customer Extranet (opens in new browser window).

Feature List for various versions of DB/TextWorks® andWeb Publisher PRO.

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