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Inmagic Is Year 2000 Compliant

Inmagic, Inc., developer of knowledge management and information retrieval software for the web, intranets, CD-ROM and LANs, is Year 2000 compliant.

The "Year 2000 Problem" refers to the potential difficulties arising from the fact that most computers and software programs assume "19" are the first two digits of any data entered as a year. 

Since the late 80s, Inmagic software has given customers the option of stipulating 4-digit years, unlike most database management software packages. Inmagic co-founder and vice president of development Karen E. Brothers is the original architect of the Inmagic software product. "Year 2000 isn’t a new issue for us," says Brothers. "We can handle 4-digit years because internally the software stores dates in ASCII format. We have no internal data types that are too small to accommodate century information."

"Because many of the early users of our software were many museums and archives that were cataloging information across the centuries, we ensured early on that we’d be able to handle dates in other centuries appropriately," says Brothers. "We’ve even worked with B.C. dates."

The most recent versions of Inmagic software additionally handle 2-digit years appropriately. If 2-digit years are preferred, the user can specify a 100-year range into which dates are mapped. For example, using a date map of 1940:2039, a date in the format 11-12-02 is interpreted as November 12, 2002, while 3-15-85 represents March 15, 1985. This approach applies to Inmagic’s entire Windows-based product line: DB/TextWorks (version 2.0 or later), DB/Text WebPublisher and DB/Text Intranet Spider. "With the latest versions, users can continue to use 2-digit years and have the software understand that you may be talking about a century other than the 1900s," says Brothers.

Specifically, Inmagic is designed to handle dates appropriately with regard to:

chronological filing and retrieval


adjustment for leap years

series of dates generated by the software

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